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Mad Dogs On The Road

Mad Dogs On The Road - a game about tough guys. They hit the roads shipping illegal goods
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22 October 2007

Editor's review

Mad Dogs On the Road 2.0 is yet another massively popular title from the house of that first hit the market over four years back. Just like most of the other offerings from MyPlayCity, this widely sought after game is also aimed at the casual game loving population. Over the years since it was first launched, Mad Dogs on the Road has slowly and gradually emerged itself as one of the most downloaded small scale titles from the site. But is it really worth all the attention it has managed to bag so far? Come aboard, and let’s have a closer look at all its pros and cons of the game in order to resolve that query, in case it happened to strike your mind.

The game’s story revolves around the scene of guys who have made their mind in making money by adopting illegal means by shipping illegal goods, Joe one of the characters of the game has been recently released from jail and now made up his mind again to start the business. The deal made in the game states that illegal goods would be brought from one town and would be sold in another and for the same they have purchased a brand new car in order to travel from one town to another. No doubt, with this business they are making lot of money. However, local mobs have come to know about their business and they have started their own quest for goods. Now, comes the role of player as he has to fight back from aliens and make his way to the town and to add extra life to the game player gets chance to collect extra bonuses which he gets to see on the road.

To become winner of the game, the player should be brave enough and also courageous then only he can come up to the final stages. So by adopting these features and playing player has to prove his skills. Excitement does not end here the game also contains 3D graphics to add more fun and is available to user free of cost. So, definitely deserves rating of not less than four on scale of five.

Publisher's description

Mad Dogs On the Road - several tough guys have made up their minds to make money in shipping illegal goods. They say that Joe the Minor, who has recently been released from jail, is now in the business again! He and his friends have decided to strart an illicit business. The deal is to buy illegal goods in one town and sell them in another town. They bought a new customized car all covered by armor, and now are travelling from one town to another making lots of money. However, local mobs got to know about their business and began their own quest for the goods! You have to help the heroes of the game to fight back alien cars and make it to a town on the route. Do not forget to collect various bonuses, which will show up on the road! Only the bravest and most courageous driver shall make it to the final. Be the proven best player! Mad Dogs On the Road is a captive and breathtaking game. It has a 3D graphics, interesting control interface and real action, which will give you lots of fun! Play Mad Dogs On the Road 3D absolutely for free!
Mad Dogs On The Road
Mad Dogs On The Road
Version 2.0
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